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History of the Blockchain

By Nick Szabo

Communicating the Ethereum Narrative

By William Mougayar


By Jessi Baker

Ethereum for Dummies

By Gavin Wood

IBM MTN Project

By Henning Diedrich


By Wendell Davis

Ethereum in the Enterprise Environment

By Taylor Gerring

Towards a Dynamic Economic, Social and Political Mesh

By Joseph Lubin

Agreement Making in Solidity: A Legal Perspective

By Bill Marino

Transactive Grid: A Decentralized Energy Management Solution

By Lawrence Orisini

Banking with Smart Contracts

By Lee Braine, Ian Cusden, Rex Maudsley, Andrew Keys, James Slazas

Myths and Facts of Reputation Systems

By Andres Junge

Dangerous Old Men: Cypherpunk's Failure, Ethereum's Success

By Vinay Gupta, Imogen Heap

Insurance on the blockchain

By Elias Haase

The Pathway to Ethereum Adoption

By Vinay Gupta, Gavin Wood, Joseph Lubin, William Mougayar

Blockchain Model Canvas

By Adi Chikara