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By Tim Coulter

Nano-payments on Ethereum

By Piotr Janiuk

ENS (Ethereal Namespace)

By Ryan Casey


By Jack du Rose

Decentralized Reddit

By Connor Keenan

Ethereum The African Opportunity

By Wayne Hennessy-Barrett

Prediction Markets Panel

By Edmund Edgar, Vitalik Buterin, Jack Peterson, Martin Koppelmann, Stefano Bertolo


By Jack Peterson

Ujo Music

By Phil Barry


By Nikolai Mushegian

Synthetic Assets

By Dominic Williams

Smart Bonds

By Stephan Karpischek, Ian Cusden

Gaming on the Blockchain

By Wendel Davis, Peter Borah, Julian Pittleman, Jim Berry, Tyler Smith

FreeMyVunk: Join the movement

By R. Tyler Smith

Liquidity on Blockchains

By Casey Detrio


By Matan Field


By Martin Koppelmann

Balanc3: Triple Entry Accounting

By Jeff Scott Ward, Christian Lundkvist

Inflekt: Event & Community Management

By Ashley Taylor

By Christoph Jentzsch

Rebuilding Enterprise Processes with Blockchains and Smart Contracts

By Mathew Spoke