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ZK Security Self Led Session

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ZK Security Self Led Session

Duration: 00:00:00

Speaker: Jordi Baylina, Jon Stephens, Kyle Charbonnet, gubsheep, David Theodore, Remy, Barry Whitehat, Jason Morton, Lucas, Haichen Shen

Type: Workshop

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 6

Date: Oct 2022

As more ZK-enabled applications come online, we'll need to build a robust security ecosystem and new techniques to ensure that our ZK apps aren't vulnerable to attackers. In this session hosted by 0xPARC and Privacy and Scaling Explorations, specialists in ZK, formal verification, and assurance discuss new approaches to securing these next-generation decentralized apps. Full schedule here:
About the speakers


Barry Whitehat


David Theodore



gubsheep is the creator of Dark Forest and runs applied ZK research and development at 0xPARC.


Haichen Shen


Jason Morton

ZKonduit & 0xPARC


Jon Stephens

I am a current PhD student at UT Austin as well as the CTO and a co-founder of Veridise. My work focuses on developing automated techniques to verify and identify bugs in various locations in the blockchain stack.


Jordi Baylina

Jordi Baylina Technical Lead Jordi is one of the strongest Ethereum developers in the world and a high impact contributor in the Ethereum community. He leads the technical development of the Polygon Hermez zkRollup and is currently working on the implementation of the zkEVM. He is the co-founder of the White Hat Group, which played a major role in rescuing funds from TheDAO and Parity Multisig hacks. He’s the author of the MiniMe token contract, the elliptic curves Solidity library, as well as


Kyle Charbonnet

Software Security Engineer at the Privacy & Scaling Explorations Team





Ops, startups, higher ed + tech, outdoor activities.

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