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Shamir Secret Sharing with No ID Numbers!

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Shamir Secret Sharing with No ID Numbers!

Duration: 00:10:47

Speaker: Jorge Arce-Garro

Type: Lightning Talk


Event: Devcon 6

Date: Oct 2022

Recall that, when splitting a seedphrase via Shamir Secret Sharing into n shares, each share is numbered (from 1 to n). These ID numbers are necessary for reconstruction—if they are lost, reconstruction may be impossible or require brute force. We will quickly review Shamir Secret Sharing and show a trick that can be used to encode the ID numbers into each share for BIP-39 compliant seeds, so that users only need to store the share mnemonic.


About the speakers


Jorge Arce-Garro

I am a blockchain and cryptography researcher from Costa Rica, currently working at Nethermind. I look into all kinds of tools related to Ethereum scalability questions, such as layer 2s, liquid staking, and zero-knowledge proofs. Besides Ethereum, I am working on a PhD in mathematical physics at the University of Michigan. In my free time I enjoy memes and dancing.

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