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Next-Generation DSLs and IRs

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Next-Generation DSLs and IRs

Duration: 01:01:16

Speaker: Jordi Baylina, Ying Tong, Louis Guthmann, Brandon Kase, Kev

Type: Panel

Expertise: Beginner

Event: Devcon 6

Date: Oct 2022

We discuss the future of higher-level langauges and circuit representations with developers from a number of toolstacks.


About the speakers


Brandon Kase


Jordi Baylina

Jordi Baylina Technical Lead Jordi is one of the strongest Ethereum developers in the world and a high impact contributor in the Ethereum community. He leads the technical development of the Polygon Hermez zkRollup and is currently working on the implementation of the zkEVM. He is the co-founder of the White Hat Group, which played a major role in rescuing funds from TheDAO and Parity Multisig hacks. He’s the author of the MiniMe token contract, the elliptic curves Solidity library, as well as




Louis Guthmann


Ying Tong

Core Developer at Electric Coin Company

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