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Launch Your Own Validator Node

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Launch Your Own Validator Node

Duration: 00:00:00

Speaker: Maggie Love

Type: Workshop


Event: Devcon 6

Date: Oct 2022

taking someone through every step of provisioning their own nodes. Go from independent 1 server deployments to multi-server deployments in the workshop. Attendees will be able to spin up and manage their own nodes with easy to use open source software.
About the speakers


Maggie Love

Maggie Love is Co-founder and Director of Business Development at W3BCLOUD, a is leading compute and storage infrastructure provider powering web 3 protocols. Maggie is the Founder of SheFi, which empowers women and non-binary folks to take ownership of their financial freedom through crypto education, experimentation, investing and community. To date, she has onboarded over a 700+ people to web 3.

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