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Improving Performance of Provable Computations Using Rust

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Improving Performance of Provable Computations Using Rust

Duration: 00:19:11

Speaker: Herman Obst, Federica Sofía Moletta

Type: Talk

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 6

Date: Oct 2022

We reimplemented the Cairo VM in Rust to increase its performance. We will show an MVP that is between 10 and 100 times faster than the previous Python implementation. Executing a program with this VM outputs a trace which can later be used to generate a Proof of the program's execution. Combining Zero Knowledge Proofs with Rollups allow us to have scalability without compromising the security of blockchains.
About the speakers


Federica Sofía Moletta

Federica Moletta is a Systems Engineering student at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is passionate about cutting-edge technologies, such as Blockchains and Zero Knowledge Proofs. She got acquainted with Cairo and ZKP by implementing a template that allows SNARKS produced by Circom to be verified by a starknet contract, creating a bridge between SNARKS and STARKS. Currently, she is working on reimplementing the Cairo VM in Rust.


Herman Obst

Herman Obst is an industrial engineer from Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has been leading multiple software projects, ranging from projects in the healthcare industry, data science and blockchain. In 2021 he co-developed a tool to help Tornado Cash users maintain their privacy and for better measure the privacy provided by its anonymity pools. He also co-authored the book ["Data science in Julia for Hackers"](

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