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Getting Started with MetaMask Snaps

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Getting Started with MetaMask Snaps

Duration: 00:45:09

Speaker: Erik Marks

Type: Workshop


Event: Devcon 6

Date: Oct 2022

[MetaMask Snaps]( is the next phase in [MetaMask]('s evolution. First previewed at Devcon V in 2019, we are now focused on growing the Snaps platform and ecosystem, and new features are added every month. In this workshop, you'll build a Snap from start to finish with the MetaMask Snaps dev team. In the process, you'll learn about all the features you can make use of for Ethereum, Layer 2's, zero knowledge cryptography, and beyond.
About the speakers


Erik Marks

Erik Marks is the Lead Engineer of MetaMask Snaps Platform. He's contributed to MetaMask and Ethereum since 2018, during which time he helped write standards like EIP-1193 and shipped features like the custom network API, MetaMask Swaps, MetaMask Flask, and now Snaps.

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