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Future of ZK Proving Systems Self Led Session

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Future of ZK Proving Systems Self Led Session

Duration: 00:00:00

Speaker: Jordi Baylina, Ye Zhang, Youssef El Housni, Adrian Hamelink, Yi Sun, Ying Tong, Louis Guthmann, Jason Morton, Janmajaya Mall, Brandon Kase, Kev

Type: Workshop

Expertise: Advanced

Event: Devcon 6

Date: Oct 2022

Modern proof systems are informed by modular and composable designs. This self led session hosted by 0xPARC and Privacy and Scaling Explorations explores the techniques, tools, and applications enabling the interoperable and efficient proof systems of the future. Full agenda here:
About the speakers


Adrian Hamelink

Cryptography engineer @ Aztec


Brandon Kase


Janmajaya Mall


Jason Morton

ZKonduit & 0xPARC


Jordi Baylina

Jordi Baylina Technical Lead Jordi is one of the strongest Ethereum developers in the world and a high impact contributor in the Ethereum community. He leads the technical development of the Polygon Hermez zkRollup and is currently working on the implementation of the zkEVM. He is the co-founder of the White Hat Group, which played a major role in rescuing funds from TheDAO and Parity Multisig hacks. He’s the author of the MiniMe token contract, the elliptic curves Solidity library, as well as




Louis Guthmann


Yi Sun

ZKP enthusiast and open-source developer of ZK circuits for various crypto primitives (ECDSA, elliptic curve pairings).


Ye Zhang

Ye Zhang is the co-founder and zk-researcher at Scroll. He used to work on hardware acceleration for ZKP algorithms and theoretical constructions behind ZKP protocols. Now his focus is on optimizing the zkEVM.


Ying Tong

Core Developer at Electric Coin Company


Youssef El Housni

I am an applied cryptographer at ConsenSys working on cryptography and SNARK libraries in Go (see gnark and gnark-crypto). I am also a final year PhD student in cryptography at Ecole Polytechnique in Paris.

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