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Education across Cultures

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Education across Cultures

Duration: 00:36:42

Speaker: Camila Garzon, Yanyan Ho, Divyanshu Dagar, Ulaş Erdoğan, Luka

Type: Panel


Event: Devcon 6

Date: Oct 2022

This panel seeks to motivate individuals/teams to develop culturally sensitive educational materials in various languages and discuss gaps in the education ecosystem.
About the speakers


Camila Garzon

Camila is an engineer and educator who is passionate about making it easier for developers to build in web3. Camila works as a Developer Relations Engineer at Edge & Node where she helps devs build performant, decentralized APIs. She is core team at Women Build Web3, an accelerator for developing top woman engineering talent and fund for projects led by women.


Divyanshu Dagar




Ulaş Erdoğan


Yanyan Ho

Dapp-Learning Founder. Faithful of Austrian economics, Interested in DEFI, ZK, DAO

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