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Compositionality: The 10x Engineer Secret Sauce

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Compositionality: The 10x Engineer Secret Sauce

Duration: 01:52:11

Speaker: Fabrizio Romano Genovese, Philipp Zahn

Type: Workshop


Event: Devcon 6

Date: Oct 2022

Proponents of blockchains argue that compositionality is a key feature. What is compositionality though? Maybe surprisingly, there is a rich mathematical framework in which the concept can be made precise as a theory of systems. In this workshop, we provide a primer of that theory and we showcase two practical applications based on it: compositionality in game theory (open games) and in formal verification (automata). The workshop is aimed at devs. There are no mathematical prerequisites.
About the speakers


Fabrizio Romano Genovese

I work at the intersection of category theory, a super abstract branch of maths, and crypto: I focus on applying very general mathematical techniques to problems such as protocol design and MEV. I am interested in compositional design, correct by construction code, open games, formal verification. I did my PhD in categorical quantum mechanics at Oxford, where I learned compositional methods, and worked for years with Statebox, developing correct-by-construction graphical programming languages.


Philipp Zahn

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