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Borderless Africa - a New Narrative

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Borderless Africa - a New Narrative

Duration: 00:24:37

Speaker: Yoseph Ayele

Type: Talk

Expertise: Beginner

Event: Devcon 6

Date: Oct 2022

If Ethereum is a digital nation, millions of Africans will flock in masses to become citizens. Why? A fair chance to participate in an open borderless economy, and ultimately self-determination. Web3 is unleashing a generation of African talent trapped within the confines of the old gated economy. A new narrative places Africa differently through the Web3 lens. Why should Ethereum builders take African talent and markets seriously? Where are low hanging fruits for win-win scenarios?
About the speakers


Yoseph Ayele

Yoseph is an entrepreneur building at the intersection of Web3 and Africa, and focused on growing the borderless economy on the continent. He co-founded and was CEO of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship (, a community of 500+ top tier entrepreneurs and investors from 68 countries. He built a new immigration program with the New Zealand government, and ran it as a public-private partnership. Yoseph is from Ethiopia, and grew up in East Africa.

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