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Adoption Day

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Adoption Day

Duration: 02:07:27

Speaker: Aqeel Mohammad

Type: Workshop

Expertise: Beginner

Event: Devcon 6

Date: Oct 2022

Open-source design unconference and working groups helping to drive improved User Experience and usability standards forward for the decentralized eco-system. Enable cross pollination of fresh perspectives and emerging UX methodologies. Bringing together developers and designers in the ecosystem working at the various layers of the Web3 Tech Stack to share their unique solutions and encourage interoperability amongst various systems.
About the speakers


Aqeel Mohammad

Aqeel Mohammad is a Product Strategist, and Design specialist focused on leading market adoption and consistent user experiences across Web 3. He has extensive experience leading human centered design organizations with a focus on strategy, product definition, and business transformation. Notable projects include leading design and product efforts for the Lighthouse and Nimbus consensus clients along with community development efforts including Devcon, Devconnect, and Web3 UX Unconference.

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