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A More Regenerative, Interactive Commons

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A More Regenerative, Interactive Commons

Duration: 00:17:11

Speaker: Vivek Singh, Sachin, Paul Gadi

Type: Workshop


Event: Devcon 6

Date: Oct 2022

"The concept of the commons is not that of a resource; a commons comes from a different way of being in the world where it is not production which counts, but bodily use... established by custom." At KERNEL, we've spent 2 years establishing customs which embody regenerative ways of living, both internally and in web3 projects. We'd welcome sharing KERNEL customs in an interactive workshop, where we get to know each other & our commons through 4 words: trust, value, freedom, and giving.
About the speakers


Paul Gadi

Paul currently stewards the KERNEL Gaming Guild, a community of the most talented individuals in the web3 space. He has been developing games since 2004, and has always been interested in the intersection of game design and new tech. He is CTO / Co-Founder of OP Games, a game platform company building Arcadia is built using open-source game legos, helping game developers create more sustainable economies in the coming metaverse.




Vivek Singh

co-founder at Gitcoin. currently focused on KERNEL, a web3 educational web which brings together 200 incredible peers, 3 times a year for a unique experience. the primary orientation is around deepening generative relationships amongst incredible peers.

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