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The Next Ethereum Story

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The Next Ethereum Story

Duration: 01:33:58

Speaker: Amanda Gutterman, Riley Kim

Type: Breakout

Expertise: Beginner

Event: Devcon 5

Date: Oct 2019

The external narrative about Ethereum runs alongside the conversations we have in the community. How much they intersect depends on the day. Members of the Ethereum community influence that narrative, but they are far from the only actors shaping perception. Among these are a motley crew of journalists, government officials, social media personalities, and venture capitalists, with varying degrees of technical savvy, as Ethereum collides with our media environment, market conditions, and geopolitics.Ethereum is young enough that our actions impact its story, which can help or hurt our ecosystem as a whole. With this power should come responsibility. As Ethereum grows and further decentralizes, it's up to the builders of each new generation of projects to write the next chapter.In this workshop, Riley Kim, Asia Pacific PR Lead at ConsenSys, and I will present a history of Ethereum through the lens of public perception up to the present, focused on how media in English-speaking and Asian markets have told its story. Then we will facilitate a collaborative activity to brainstorm a shared Ethereum narrative for the future.


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