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Nightfall - The Open Source Privacy Solution for Ethereum

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Nightfall - The Open Source Privacy Solution for Ethereum

Duration: 00:19:37

Speaker: Duncan Westland, Chaitanya Konda, Michael Connor, Paul Brody

Type: Talk

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 5

Date: Oct 2019

We believe that public blockchain is the future of business to business transactions. However, two issues - privacy and scalability - will need to be solved if this vision is to be fully realised. This talk will explain the motivations behind the open-source nightfall code and how it is intended to tackle the first of these issues. We cover the operation of the protocol, the method by which it provides complete privacy, and how developers can use it to build their own applications by making use of its smart contract infrastructure and the ZoKrates framework. We will also present our modelling of transaction costs, which shows that nightfall can already provide a cost-competitive alternative to private blockchains for many situations and how that will be true for a growing number of use cases in the near future.


About the speakers


Chaitanya Konda

Solution Architect, EY Global Blockchain R&D Team

►Chaitanya is a Solution Architect within EY’s Global Blockchain R&D Team. She is leading the Zero Knowledge Proof project for tokenising assets on blockchain. She is also the Blockchain ERP Integration Technical Leader. Prior to this role, she worked within the FSO UK practice handling projects under Data & Analytics and IT advisory teams ►Previously, she worked as Head of Production for Africa’s biggest eCommerce, Jumia, transforming business processes of products going live on website through automation and digitalisation. During this stint, she built automation tools and redesigned backend systems to consolidate all 15 countries’ websites. Scaling these new process and tools, she built a department for Production with 200 people in 10 countries ►She also worked as technical lead for a digital solutions start-up in India, Business Analyst Intern for Publicis Capital, Corporate Finance Intern for Maruti Suziki Automobiles


Duncan Westland

Global Blockchain R&D Team Lead

►Duncan leads EY’s global blockchain R&D team, and is responsible for developing new blockchain concepts and products for EY. ►Prior to joining EY Duncan was the CTO of Her Majesty’s Passport Office. There he transformed IT delivery, moving it from a traditional wholly outsourced model to an internally provided Agile service deploying modern DevOps practices.  He was also responsible for developing the cryptography that secures the UK passport and worked on the use of Blockchain for recording travel stamps. ►Previously, Duncan was the biometrics lead for the UK’s ID Cards programme, responsible for the specification and the design of fingerprint and face recognition biometrics for the scheme. Later he applied this technology to passport issuance for detection of fraudulent applications. ►Prior to his public sector role he was a Managing Consultant at PA’s Cambridge Technology centre and worked on a wide variety of cutting-edge technologies, developing several patents during his work.  Duncan has a physics PhD and is a chartered engineer.


Paul Brody

Global Innovation Leader - Blockchain

EY Global Innovation Blockchain Leader Serial entrepreneur and relentless builder of EY global blockchain services. Champion of new ideas and technologies that reshape industry.Paul is responsible for driving EY’s initiatives and investments in blockchain worldwide.  With blockchain services teams in the Americas, Europe and Asia, Paul’s team works with service lines to build a portfolio of services across tax, audit, and business transformation.  He has extensive experience in the areas of IoT, supply chain and operations and business strategy, developed over 20 years at multiple start-ups, McKinsey, and at IBM.

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