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Networking in ETH2.0

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Networking in ETH2.0

Duration: 00:21:48

Speaker: Antoine Toulme, Rene Nayman

Type: Talk

Expertise: Advanced

Event: Devcon 5

Date: Oct 2019

The Whiteblock team has been working on several ETH 2.0 related projects over the past year. These projects include: An analysis of Libp2p’s gossipsub in collaboration with the ETH Research team, The development of protocol-specific tooling and utilities, constituting the basis of the ETH2.0 test runner (developed in collaboration with Moloch DAO and provided to the community as open source software), as well as Contributing to the specification for the currently implemented wire protocol. I propose to deliver a 15-minute presentation, consisting of two parts: A brief 7 minute overview of the tools and protocols, such as Hobbits, a lightweight wire protocol designed to allow Eth2.0 clients to exchange information, developed to accelerate the testing of Eth 2.0 client; and an 8 minute summary of Whiteblock’s most recent analyses on Eth2.0 networking protocols such as libp2p.
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