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Grantee Exposé Lightning Talk 3 - Academic Research on Casper

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Grantee Exposé Lightning Talk 3 - Academic Research on Casper

Duration: 00:07:01

Speaker: Ryuya Nakamura

Type: Talk

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 5

Date: Oct 2019

CBC Casper is a promising protocol for the future of Ethereum. However, the research of CBC Casper is still in progress, even about its fundamentals. For example, Casper has been criticized for the lack of liveness proof for a long time. Therefore, we first introduce our liveness proof. Then, we analyze CBC Casper in both its performance & incentive to persuade the audience why CBC Casper matters.  This presentation is based on our unpublished work, which we expect to publish by the time of DEVCON5. The more detailed agenda is: (1) Liveness: We first introduce our liveness proof, which is applicable to each family of CBC Casper. (2) Performance analysis:  We compare CBC Casper with other existing protocols about  TPS and latency, both of which are important performance measures of consensus protocols, showing the advantages of CBC Casper. (3) Incentive analysis: CBC Casper is designed to satisfy economic properties desired for a public ledger. In particular, the notable feature of CBC Casper is "subjective finality", where validators can pick up their own fault threshold. We discuss how this feature affects cartel resistance.


About the speakers


Ryuya Nakamura


Engineer & Researcher at LayerX Inc.- Researching on Plasma, state channel.- Leading the project of implementation of Plasma in Vyper.- Working on the enlightenment of state channel technology in Japanese blockchain community(e.g. workshop of state channel, translation of L4 Counterfactual paper and articles in Japanese like

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