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Ewasm 2.0 - State Execution in Eth 2.0

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Ewasm 2.0 - State Execution in Eth 2.0

Duration: 01:57:10

Speaker: Guillaume Ballet, Alex Beregszaszi, Paweł Bylica, Casey Detrio, Paul Dworzanski, Sina Mahmoodi

Type: Breakout

Expertise: Advanced

Event: Devcon 5

Date: Oct 2019

This session aims to bring clarity to what execution on Eth 2.0 means. It will be presented by multiple members of the Ewasm team, starting with a historical overview of how Eth 2.0 designs evolved around execution, followed by deeper technical topics. We will cover: - Scout (an Eth 2.0 execution engine) - Different execution environments (such as the "Eth1 shard") - In-depth presentation of different designs used in the Eth 2.0 stateless model - An Eth 2.0 execution testnet If you are interested in stateless contracts and Merkle proofs, this is the session to attend.


About the speakers


Alex Beregszaszi

Alex is the team lead of Ipsilon at the Ethereum Foundation, a group focused on improving the EVM. Alex has been an early contributor and co-lead of the Solidity team.


Casey Detrio

Long-term contributor to EthereumJS, currently busy doing experiments on sharding R&D implementations.


Guillaume Ballet

Geth team, interfacing between research and engineering. Interested in evolutions to the Ethereum protocol.


Paul Dworzanski

Team member/grantee

Member of the Ewasm team. Developing PyWebAssembly and CppWebAssembly, which closely follow the WebAssembly specification. Paul is also building tools for developers and researchers. Paul is trained in Mathematics.


Paweł Bylica

Working on EVM in Ipsilon team (Ethereum Foundation)


Sina Mahmoodi

I work on the go-ethereum client, with a focus on tracing, the JSON-RPC as well as GraphQL APIs.

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