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Eth2 Phase 0 Technical Deep Dive

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Eth2 Phase 0 Technical Deep Dive

Duration: 01:51:19

Speaker: Danny Ryan, Alex Stokes, Chihcheng Liang

Type: Talk

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 5

Date: Oct 2019

Seminar style deep-dive on phase 0 of Ethereum 2.0. Content includes explanations, diagrams, Q&A, etc. Session will open with a high level overview, followed by a deep-dive explanation and analysis of the various components of the system ultimately showing how all of the pieces fit together. Various researchers and developers to present on sub-topics related to their expertise.



About the speakers


Alex Stokes


Alex Stokes (@ralexstokes on all the things) is a cryptoeconomist who has been studying blockchains since 2011 while at Princeton University. He thinks that governance is the biggest challenge blocking the widespread adoption of these systems and spends his time leading the discourse on how we can best collectively use the "decentralized commons". He gives frequent talks on the subject to help spur the conversation with recent engagements at DISCON 2018 and RChain's Devcon RCon3. Outside of his work on governance, Alex is an active open source contributor to projects like Casper and Vyper. He believes that token markets and AI ethics have more in common than it may at first appear ;)


Danny Ryan


Danny Ryan works with the Ethereum Research on casper+sharding research. He's actively involved with the Eth2.0 design and implementation.He's a major open-source believer, contributor, and evangelist. When chatting with developers, he's just as likely to be explaining proof of stake as he is to be explaining how to get started in contributing to open-source.

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