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Decentralizing Transaction Abstraction for On Chain Privacy

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Decentralizing Transaction Abstraction for On Chain Privacy

Duration: 00:26:48

Speaker: Lakshman Sankar

Type: Breakout

Expertise: intermediate

Event: Devcon 5

Date: Oct 2019

Transaction abstraction (or meta transactions, if you prefer) isn't a new idea in Ethereum. The idea, roughly, is that users sometimes want a 3rd party, called relayers, to pay gas for their transactions for them. To support on-chain privacy apps like the MicroMix mixer, we've designed a decentralized transaction abstraction system with 2 particularly novel ideas:a transaction simulation engine that allows anyone to run a relayer with minimal configurationa trustless reputation/spam-prevention system for relayers, that we call the 'burn registry' In this talk, I'll:present the design space of transaction abstraction and some of the crypto-economic challenges in building such a systempresent the solution we've built for MicroMix and finally, share software that you can run today to be a relayer on our network.



About the speakers


Lakshman Sankar

Previous Ethereum Foundation Research. Now working on new primitives for identity at Personae Labs and 0xPARC.

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