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AKASHA Reloaded: Unifying the Ecosystem with

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AKASHA Reloaded: Unifying the Ecosystem with

Duration: 00:21:21

Speaker: Mihai Alisie

Type: Talk

Expertise: Beginner

Event: Devcon 5

Date: Oct 2019

AKASHA Reloaded introduces the idea of a social media framework. It might help to imagine it as a sort of "Wordpress for social networks." What if we would use this framework to build a social network designed to enhance the collective intelligence and collaboration potential of the Ethereum community as a whole? What if we would use this opportunity to integrate the Ethereum ecosystem of dapps and services into a unified user experience accessible to anyone - from meetup organizers to smart contract developers to researchers and beyond? Moreover, how would this play in the bigger picture where any other social network built with the AKASHA framework will have at their fingertips the equivalent of "Wordpress plugins" but in this case in the form of Ethereum services and dapps? We're almost done with the foundational work at the "framework level" and we plan to start in the next couple of months working on to showcase the potential of a modular, interoperable, open-source, social network powered by Ethereum and complementary technologies like IPFS, Verifiable Claims and DIDs. In the past I tried to encourage more collaboration within Ethereum but I think it was too early: about now?
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