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Unscrambling an Egg: Decentralization and the Zcash Foundation

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Unscrambling an Egg: Decentralization and the Zcash Foundation

Duration: 00:30:47

Speaker: Josh Cincinnati

Type: Talk

Expertise: Beginner

Event: Devcon 4

Date: Oct 2018

The Zcash protocol we know today started as a project by the Zerocoin Electric Coin Company (commonly known as the "Zcash Company"), but it wasn't meant to live under the aegis of a single company. In this talk, the Executive Director of the Zcash Foundation—a separate, independent 501(c)3 from the Zcash Company—will cover the path forward for further decentralizing the Zcash protocol, share lessons from the Zcash Foundation's experience in governance applicable to dapp developers and Ethereum community members, and discuss trade-offs inherent in various approaches for bootstrapping cryptoeconomic systems.
About the speakers


Josh Cincinnati

Executive Director

Josh Cincinnati is the Executive Director of the Zcash Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to building Internet payment and privacy infrastructure for the public good, primarily serving the users of the Zcash protocol. Previously, he was a Senior Program Manager at the Zcash Foundation, a Developer Advocate at Lyft and BlockCypher (a Bitcoin and Ethereum API company), and has held product management and business development positions at the Washington Post. He holds an MBA from Stanford University and degrees in Mathematics and Political & Social Thought from the University of Virginia. In his free time, he likes to write satire.

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