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Plugging the metadata leaks in the Ethereum ecosystem

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Plugging the metadata leaks in the Ethereum ecosystem

Duration: 00:25:54

Speaker: Péter Szilágyi

Type: Talk

Expertise: Expert

Event: Devcon 4

Date: Oct 2018

Current generation blockchains are by definition public... but how much public is too public? There is ample research going into making transactions private, hiding users' balances and computing verifiably off chain. However, nobody really focuses on the alarming amount of metadata we leave behind us with every one of our chain, explorer and/or dapp interactions. Even running our own nodes can expose a lot more about us to the world than most people realize or would feel confident with. In this talk I'd like to highlight some of the issues I see around metadata privacy within the Ethereum ecosystem, how those seemingly innocuous data leaks could be amassed and abused by aggregating actors and what we collectively might try to do to protect our users and the safety of our community members in the coming years.



About the speakers


Péter Szilágyi

Lead Developer

Peter arrived to the Ethereum ecosystem with background in distributed computing, having worked on a decentralized messaging system prior. He worked his way up from a developer position to currently being the lead of the go-ethereum team. He doesn't like managing people.

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