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Data is the Missing Link

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Data is the Missing Link

Duration: 00:19:36

Speaker: Tim Nugent, Sam Chadwick

Type: Talk

Expertise: Intermediate

Event: Devcon 3

Date: Nov 2017

Thomson Reuters distributes 2.5m financial instrument price updates per second; data that is used to price over $3tn in assets each day. Blockchains rely on trusted sources of data and trusted mechanisms for data delivery, without which many of the use cases for smart contracts cannot be realized. This presentation will cover a range of active use cases that include Thomson Reuters data on people, organizations and tradable instruments being applied within financial services as well as other industries such as commodities and energy. It will introduce the complexities of having data as part of your value proposition, and look at current and future approaches for data commercialization on blockchains and DLTs. All of these key learnings have been developed through the use of the Thomson Reuters oracle, BlockOne IQ, that was designed specifically for Ethereum.
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