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Cryptography on the Blockchain

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Cryptography on the Blockchain

Duration: 00:15:43

Speaker: Patrick McCorry

Type: Talk

Expertise: Advanced

Event: Devcon 3

Date: Nov 2017

I have a LocalCrypto.sol library (i.e. all in solidity) that supports El Gamal Encryption, One out of Two ZKP (i.e. either yes or no is encrypted), Pederson Commitments, Inequality proof (i.e. two commitments DO NOT commit to the same data), Equality proofs (i.e. two commitments DO commit to the same data), Discrete log equality proofs, and publicly verifiable secret sharing. I’m currently organising the code for public release (let others experiment with cryptography on the blockchain) – i’d like to present the library, its capability, some projects I have used it in and how people can start using it today.



About the speakers


Patrick McCorry

Patrick has spent most of his adult life working on cryptocurrencies and his time was split across academic research and industry. Over the years, he has worked on transaction delivery, layer-2 protocols, atomic swaps, consensus protocols, and applied cryptography. Before Infura, he was an Assistant Professor at King’s College London and an accomplished researcher at UCL, UIUC and NCL.

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