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Nano-payments on Ethereum

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Nano-payments on Ethereum

Duration: 00:17:05

Speaker: Piotr Janiuk

Type: Talk

Expertise: Advanced

Event: Devcon 1

Date: Nov 2015

Piotr Janiu of Golem ( presents on Nano-payments on the Ethereum blockchain



About the speakers


Piotr Janiuk


Piotr is an experienced computer programmer interested in bleeding edge technologies and keen on bringing innovative, groundbreaking (in the field) projects which bring these technologies to life. He worked on a secure P2P communicator when P2P was used primarily for file sharing, implemented highly optimized CUDA code just after the technology appeared, adding it to production-ready compositing software (the first in the world), implemented the fastest-at-the-time software DCP encoder, including a fast software jpeg2000 codec, assisted in optimization of particle renderer for The Witcher 2, and the father of Black Vision (see above). Piotr implemented core components of Golem prototype and leads the design of Golem protocol and its preliminary use cases.Piotr has been one of the presenters at DEVCON0 in Berlin and is looking forward to speaking again at DEVCON4

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