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A Conversation with Stewart Brand preview
Devcon 4

A Conversation with Stewart Brand

A Panel discussion with Stewart Brand, a pioneer in creating the Personal Computer, featuring Wendell Davis and Althea Allen. Stewart gives a brief history of his life and work spent "hacking civilization," and discusses a variety of topics including: The progress in the "hacking" ecosystem; The role of institutions in decentralization; The overlap of blockchain & climate change; Aging within a movement. A Q&A session follows the Panel.

Stewart Brand

Ethereum Foundation Values preview
Devcon 4

Ethereum Foundation Values

Aya Miyaguchi, Executive Director of the Ethereum Foundation, discusses the values, philosophy, structure & purpose of the EF, as well as her history & thoughts on decentralization, and urges us to remember why we continue to build Ethereum.

Aya Miyaguchi

The Web We Want preview
Devcon 4

The Web We Want

Brewster Kahle discusses the Internet Archive's history & attempt at decentralization, the technology that's currently in place, and what's needed from the community. He also discusses the benefits of decentralization, the steps that will need to be taken to get there, and the challenges we'll need to overcome on the way. The presentation is followed by a Q&A session.

Brewster Kahle

When 1 Million Eth Devs? preview
Devcon 5

When 1 Million Eth Devs?

The Ethereum ecosystem has achieved a lot over the past year with respect to core development, adoption, defi, and improving scalability. Ethereum’s main advantage in the blockchain space is the community of developers that continues to build and grow the network. Joe Lubin’s talk will discuss the state of development on the Ethereum blockchain, set some benchmarks for the next year, and propose a common goal: When 1 Million ETH Devs?

Joseph Lubin